Spring pressure point to bottom leg, near ankle
Spring pressure towards knee
Down pressure from thigh towards mattress
Pressure from mattress towards back of the body
Pressure from shoulder towards mattress
Pressure from mattress towards neck
Pressure from foot

Bedding Technology

Mattresses are made with a variety of materials and technologies to deliver support systems that meet the broad array of consumers’ needs and taste.

For many years the trademark of American Beds Company is to make consistent investments in the highest quality and most advanced mattress technology that guarantees our loyal customers a superior sleep experience unmatched for comfort and durability.

To ensure this, we feature the revolutionary Restonic ComfortCare® range of mattresses – an American mattress manufacturer extraordinaire with a long-standing tradition of research, development and engineering of the highest quality sleep products.

Restonic is an integral part of the bedding industry and for over 75 years has utilized cutting-edge technology like Outlast® creations, a certified space technology used by NASA®.

American Beds are passionate about the durability of its products, which is why we offer big warranties on our larger products—unmatched by most in the industry. We believe in our creations.